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“House Keeping for the Soul”

I’ve never been one to get overly invested in the personal lives of celebrities. After all I really don’t know these people. I just know what is presented to me and you can’t always believe what you read in the… Continue Reading →

You don’t have to be a “celebrity” to have a “Team”!

As an entrepreneur and full time employee of a company I have come to fully understand the importance of having a good team/s and using them as resource to be more productive and accomplish your goals. Having a good team… Continue Reading →

Embracing Change & Minor Setbacks …

I find that often we get frustrated with change specially when things seem to be  going well and according to plan and then something happens that disrupts your flow and slows you down and you realize that you might have… Continue Reading →

What Following Serena Williams’ Journey Has Taught Me About Achieving Greatness

Happy Monday!!! I love the beginning of a new week (or a new anything). I always see it as a fresh start, the opportunity to start over and get things right. Forget about the mistakes you made last week or what you… Continue Reading →

Tools for entrepreneurial Survival

The entrepreneurial journey has proven to be an ongoing life lesson. I have seen first hand that there is no greater teacher than experience. Personal experience and learning from the experience of others. Regardless of whether the experience is good or bad there is… Continue Reading →

Don’t Get Too Comfortable

A friend of mine (Tammy) called me last week. She was highly upset and frustrated. She got a big shock at work when she found out from a co-worker that apparently people were questioning what she did and if she… Continue Reading →

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