“House Keeping for the Soul”

I’ve never been one to get overly invested in the personal lives of celebrities. After all I really don’t know these people. I just know what is presented to me and you can’t always believe what you read in the… Continue Reading →

You don’t have to be a “celebrity” to have a “Team”!

As an entrepreneur and full time employee of a company I have come to fully understand the importance of having a good team/s and using them as resource to be more productive and accomplish your goals. Having a good team… Continue Reading →


At times our roles in life become defined, either by people around us or by us and we become known as “this type” of person when there is so much more to us. Breaking out of these roles can be… Continue Reading →

So today I put on my Timberland Boots…

As I was getting dressed I noticed a pair of Tim’s that I have had for the longest time.  I have not worn them in years and frankly just did not care for them … but today they called me…. Continue Reading →

Finding your True Passion

So I’ve been feeling a little restless. I’ve had the desire to figure out exactly what I am supposed to do or to make sure that what I am doing is indeed my true passion. I am an artist and… Continue Reading →

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