Much more than just Tennis at the U.S Open…

As I watched the incredible U.S. Open matches over the weekend. Match after match, player after player  I kept wondering how these players manage to stay focused and determined and pull through under such intense pressure. To make things even… Continue Reading →

What Following Serena Williams’ Journey Has Taught Me About Achieving Greatness

Happy Monday!!! I love the beginning of a new week (or a new anything). I always see it as a fresh start, the opportunity to start over and get things right. Forget about the mistakes you made last week or what you… Continue Reading →

So today I put on my Timberland Boots…

As I was getting dressed I noticed a pair of Tim’s that I have had for the longest time.  I have not worn them in years and frankly just did not care for them … but today they called me…. Continue Reading →

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