You may have seen  #spreadlove on my posts and may have found yourself wondering what that is all about. Spreading love is something I truly believe in. There are many instances where I have found that people don’t share knowledge and information with others. Things that have often worked for them, and instead of sharing they keep it to themselves and often I wonder why. Do they fear someone else will do better than them if they get the same information as if there is not enough money in the world for all of us to be wealthy. As if there is not enough good fortune success and happiness to go around so they keep it to them selves. I believe in spreading love, whether it is through knowledge, sharing a source, tip, a link, a connection, a book you read that helped you or connecting people.

You have the power to change someone’s life for the better, everyone does. You can help someone else achieve a goal or a dream simply by being you. Often we watch, observe and admire “powerful” people, celebrities and leaders and think we may not have as much to offer but we do. They are people just like you and I. People who have been fortunate enough to see their dreams and hopes become a reality as we all should. Your unique experiences, conversations, challenges and thoughts have given you power, knowledge and wisdom that, if shared could make someone else’s dreams and hopes become a reality. You may not think anything of it but you will be surprised that your vault of life experiences may be a gold mine for someone else. What you know may give them that light bulb “aha” moment that can change the direction of their life. Your circle of friends and family may be that invaluable connection or link that will change someone’s life forever. A conversation, thought, idea that you may think nothing of could be that one thing that takes someone else to the next level. It may be the missing piece to the puzzle. It may be the link that connects everything they have been working so hard for. The best part of all of this power is that it costs you nothing to give. Don’t be ashamed of your experiences or compare your journey to anyone elses because everything you have seen or done has made you a gold mine. So don’t hold back just #spreadlove 

Case in point. When I met Miko Branch and she was telling mer her story she mentioned my good friend and Spiritiual mentor Sonia Alleyne. She said that Sonia played an important part in their journey to success. Sonia connected her late sister with a job that helped them raise the money that got their business started. After the photoshoot I called Sonia and told her about it. I asked her if she had read Miko’s book and told her about the conversation I had with Miko and that Miko had mentioned her in her book, and had hoped that Sonia would read it and to her surprise realize how her genuine kindness played a role in their journey to creating Miss Jessies Empire. This a classic example of the philosophy behind #Spreadlove