Happy Monday… Another new week, which means a fresh start. A chance to get rid of old bad habits and start new good ones…

I’m sure at some point, you have seen the memes/quotes that say something like “You have the same hours in the day as Beyonce or Oprah so you have no excuse for not making your dreams come true” Indeed we do have the same hours in the day but there are many factors that differentiate how people like Oprah maximize or utilize their time in comparison to us. One of the major differences being that Oprah does not have to spend her time completing mundane but necessary tasks like cooking, because she has a chef or can afford to eat out everyday if she chooses. Oprah doesn’t have to do the dishes, laundry, grocery shopping, clean the house, run errands like the rest of us do, leaving people like her with more time to focus on their craft, building wealth or whatever it is they are passionate about. This is not an excuse for the rest of us it’s a fact. That is precisely why we have to put more effort into spending and managing our time wisely.

Over the weekend i managed to find some time for myself. It was long overdue. I had finished all my chores, the kids weren’t home and i had the house to myself. I got the remote settled cosily on the couch went to my recorded programs and started catching up on the show i had missed during the week; scandal and the housewives. As i was enjoying this alone time a thought crossed my mind me… and I found myself  thinking“What am I doing? , Is this the best way to spend my time? Does watching scandal, as entertaining as it may be add value to my life? Does it bring me closer to my goals (of which i have many)?” I knew that I probably should be doing something else because this was possibly a waste of my time. Often we see our free time as our time to do whatever we want, our time to relax, as we should. For many of us this can include getting immersed in an entertaining show or playing video games for some. However when we are caught up in this entertainment we often fail to realize that the more we watch the more money they get in their pockets and the less money in our pocket. So if we are going to put more money in their pockets shouldn’t it be for something that is useful to us, a show or program, that enlightens or helps us in some way. This is their career, this is how they make their money  and make a living. I figured they would probably spend many hours watching TV to see what the others in their field are doing but i found it interesting that many of these actors and actresses don’t even watch tv, let alone their own shows.I wonder why.

Im just saying that there must be better ways to spend our time. Doing things that bring us relaxation, entertainment and joy, at the same time giving us knowledge, bring us closer to our goals, or closer to our loved ones. Even being at peace, just being silent or simply reading a book may be a better option. Easier said then done I know, but we have to train ourselves because our time is valuable and we cant get it back.  A lot of the people who work in this field don’t let their kids watch tv…Did you ever stop to think why? If it’s so good, beneficial and engaging why aren’t they or their kids spending endless hours watching tv and movies when we do.

It’s important for us to consciously select what we absorb more carefully. Really thinking about how we are spending our time. Not to say do not watch tv completely, as there are many programs that are informative, educational and beneficial. My point is when we choose to sit down and watch TV lets try to make it an intentional decision rather than just a thoughtless action of sitting down for hours on end surfing channels and watching useless shows that take from you rather than build. It will take much longer to reach our goals when we schedule time throughout our week and use our valuable free time over the weekend to watch someone living their dream, making their money, adding to their pocket whilst taking away from our dreams.

The same way the food we ingest affects our health, the things we watch can affect our, minds souls and choices in a negative or positive way. So the next time you set your dvr or set aside time to watch something be selective about what you are feeding your mind, spirit and soul.
Have a wonderful productive, purposeful and happy week.