I had stopped posting for a while. I had so much going on to the point where I got sick from all the stress I was under. Balancing and juggling, work, family, ambition, planning and figuring out my next moves. It all eventually took a toll on me. It was a lot and I am sure you can identify with this. I was just going, going, going and dragging my body along until it just gave in and I had no choice but to rest. I was out sick for about two and a half weeks, full recovery took about a month.

 I learned that in our pursuit of success it’s important to still be connected with our bodies and spirit and listen to what they are telling us. The consequences of not listening can have a much bigger impact than you realize. This can result in you completely slowing down or even having to come to an involuntary and complete stop leaving you worse off than you were, if only you had allowed yourself to take it easy for a while … which can even be just a day or two.  I don’t believe that to be successful you have to run yourself down…Does it mean you shouldn’t work hard … Not at all. We just have to work hard, work smart and maintain balance whilst remembering to live in the present when working towards the future. Something we tend to forget when we get into overdrive. We let the good moments pass us by, moments with family and friends that we can never get back. We tell ourselves I’ll be happy when…I’ll rest when…And we continue to push ourselves to no end. Losing out on the amazing things happening right in front of us. What is the point of working so hard when you may not be well enough to enjoy the fruits of your labor in the future or may have lost out on the most precious moments. You only have one life and this is not a dress rehearsal….

 Don’t be too hard on yourself. It’s ok to take a break every now and then (even from yourself). Clear your mind and spirit.  Be still and do nothing every once in a while and don’t feel guilty about it when you do…. It is in times of stillness that we often find the answer to our problems or questions, the time when clarity comes about and this is when your path becomes clear.
Have a wonderful and enjoyable week and remember to Enjoy the journey!

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