Your alarm wakes you up. And you start going through the the motions, take a shower, look in your closet trying to figure out what to wear to look the part of who you want to be and how you want to be addressed or seen, which may not even be what you truly want. If you have kids, you wake them up, get them ready and finally put on your makeup and make sure not to forget to put on your teflon smile which protects you from revealing what’s truly going on inside. It stops people from asking questions that you dot want to answer, it stops people from being nosy or prying because the smile makes them believe everything is ok and you are great.

Sometimes it’s not anything major going on that is a matter of life or death. Sometimes it’s simply that we are tired of the routine. Tired of going through the motions when in your soul you know there is more to you than what you show on the outside there is more to you than being s wife, a mother, the title you hold at your job. Everyday you know that you are just going through the motions but not living the life you are meant to be living, you’re not doing what your spirit tells you you are meant to do. You fell into your career you didn’t necessarily choose it, but it pays the bills and its safe…but leaves you feeling unfulfilled.

What to do?
Start living your truth bit by bit day by day. Write down want you truly enjoy if you don’t already know what that is. That thing that brings you joy where time ceases to matter when you are engrossed in it. Make time for yourself. Time to figure out what that thing is if you are not sure, time to explore and learn what you truly enjoy. Set aside time in your schedule as you would for a task or a chore. Add your personal time on your to do list even if it means shuffling things around or sending the kids to bed an hour earlier. Make time for yourself, to do what you love to do what makes you happy. When you are happy and fulfilled you will find that you are a better person, a better wife or girlfriend, a better mother a better friend.
Even if it starts off as just 15 mins everyday or a few days a week it will make a difference.
Often we want to start something new with leaps and bounds but I’ve learned that it’s the little steps that count that eventually come together to form leaps and bounds.