I’ve never been one to get overly invested in the personal lives of celebrities. After all I really don’t know these people. I just know what is presented to me and you can’t always believe what you read in the papers and magazines or what you see on tv. However, once in a while something happens that really touches your heart.

Every morning on my train ride to work I browse through the news, updating myself on trending topics and what happened over the weekend. When I read the news about Lamar Odom being hospitalized my heart broke for him. I can’t tell you the reason why his particular situation aroused so much emotion in me but it did. The only word that comes to mind when i think of what  happened to him is tragic .

To me this was a man whose soul and spirit was clearly in turmoil and pain as seen on the video where he talks about being broken and calls out the media and society on  how they treat people. The more I read about his career, the events that had happened in the course of his life such as:

-How the reality show affected him
– The down turn of his career
– His upbringing
– All the loss he has gone through
– His battle with drugs

all the circumstances and choices leading up to the point where he was found unresponsive I felt even more broken hearted for him and found myself praying for him, wishing him well and praying for a full physical, mental and emotional recovery regardless of how dismal the reports were about his condition at the time and despite the fact that i don’t know him personally.

My spirit; the hopeful, loving, caring, optimistic spirit in me didn’t want things to end like this for him. I desperately wanted him to get another shot in life another chance to do it right. I kept saying to myself i hope this is not the end for him. What an awful and sad way for his life to end and as I read through all the tweets I saw that I wasn’t alone in my prayers and well wishes for Lamar. I guess his situation tapped into the core for many …where we all just wanted something good for a fellow human being, hoping to see a sign that there is hope, there are second chances and life does have uplifting upturns regardless of how bad things may look.

I felt a renewed faith and hope in humanity as I read all the heartfelt prayers, tweets and well wishes for Lamar. I was uplifted by seeing  that people still cared for other people, regardless of whether they knew them personally or not. That people still had compassion and empathy. With all the negative news, the shootings, the crime, the wars, the immigration crisis in europe, the violence,  we are inundated with via various media streams on a daily basis, down to how people treat one another in general on a day to day basis I was feeling disheartened by the state of humanity and our society. The apparent disregard people seem to have for life, the lack of care or compassion for fellow human beings appears to be frightfully and steadily increasing. However,  the overwhelming response to Lamar’s situation was a ray, a glimmer of hope in a small but large way.

Unlike those who were focused on where he was and what he did that led to him being found unconscious I was more focused on the internal pain and suffering this man must have been in. He seemed isolated and alone which is ironic considering that he has an exwife who claims to love him, he has his kids and many people whom he supported and surrounded himself with and fans. He appeared to have a wonderful life that many aspire to have and dream of. Just goes to show you that you never really know what’s truly going on within.

His Fans stood up for him when he couldn’t stand up or speak for himself making it their mission to point out the fact that Lamar was a man with his own successful career,  his own money, his own presence and fame well before he met his ex-wife. The same fans emphasized the fact that it was downright wrong and they would not stand for Lamar’s personal achievements and success to be muddied, overshadowed forgotten or disregarded simply because of who he chose to marry, a reality show and his personal battles.

Reading all of this was another reminder that success and wealth does not equal happiness. In life there has to be a balance. Many of us working towards making our dreams come true often find ourselves thinking that once we are “rich” “wealthy” successful or our goals have been met everything will be good however often those same personal demons and internal issues you have will come with you to that new place of “wealth”, “success” and “riches “and when you are “rich” those issues can often rear their ugly heads in the worst way.

I’ve been re evaluating my life, my goals and choices. Why am I doing what I’m doing, why am I working so hard. Is it because i want to make lots of money or is it because i enjoy what i am doing and feel aligned with my purpose and have a truly good reason for what i do?

It’s crucial that we step back and re-evaluate periodically, so as not to forget what is truly important in life. Lamar is an example of how we often forget to take care of ourselves. We are so busy surviving instead of living (there is a difference) paying bills, setting goals, taking care of others, not dealing with our personal issues and we forget or don’t make time to take care of ourselves. Our core, our spirit, our minds and souls need love. We need to nurture our souls as we do our careers, goals and ambition. We need to learn to deal with our emotions, seek help when you know in your heart you need it, deal with our past, forgive ourselves for past mistakes, forgive others, wipe the slate clean daily and move forward…think of it as Housekeeping for the soul.

Showing compassion, love, care, understanding, being genuine and in tune with others and their needs can go a long way, can even save a life. It’s as good for the person receiving as it is for the person giving. You don’t have to volunteer at a shelter or go far, you can simply start with caring for those in your immediate surroundings, your immediate family, friends, co-workers clients. We have to be the ones to create the type of world we want to live in.

And whilst we go about our busy lives we need to remain conscious. Conscious and aware of the choices and decisions we make and how they affect others as well as ourselves. Big or small, seemingly insignificant or significant at any point in time. Lamar’s story exemplifies how these choices, unresolved issues affect our paths and outcomes and can tear down our accomplishments and hard work in a minute…At the end of the day regardless, of your background, status, race, religious beliefs, we have one thing in common… we are all human and we should treat each other as such.
Have a wonderful week.

Spread love….