Watching Pope Francis and listening to him was truly phenomenal. He reminded us of what is truly important. Whether you’re catholic, Christian, muslim or atheist …whatever your race, heritage or religious belief his message was universal and the basis of it was love. The umbrella of love encompasses so many different elements, compassion, faith, kindness, being considerate of one another are just a few. He came to us at a time when I believe we needed him the most as it seems to me things were spiraling out of control and we needed someone or something to ground us, bring us back to a place where we can reflect and remember our core values, who we are and our purpose. I and hundreds of thousands of people were renewed and inspired by Pope Francis.
Today is a new day. Regardless of where you are and what position you hold, or what you have done in the past its important to treat everyone you encounter with love, respect and compassion. It’s not always easy particularly when you are having a bad day, are having issues of your own or you encounter individuals who are negative and nasty for no reason. You can’t let them sway you from who you are, your beliefs and the person you aspire to be. This however does not mean you should tolerate abuse or negativity in any form from anyone however the key is how you choose to respond.

Pope Francis set a good example to follow for many. His leadership style is one that admire and I believe those in leadership roles can learn a few things from him. Being a leader is a huge responsibility and has a tremendous domino effect. It’s crucial for us to realize the impact of our words, decisions, choices and actions on others and the outcomes of situations both short tem and long term.
We are all leaders; in the home as parents, uncles, aunts God-parents, in the office as seniors, executives and bosses, as business owners, within our friendship circles and amongst our peers.

Your words and actions have the power to empower and build or breakdown and destroy. Are you building others or tearing them down? Every action and reaction is a choice and has an outcome whether you see it or not. As much as these actions affect others, our affects us and the outcomes of our lives greatly. Being kind, compassionate and respectful is rewarding on its own and whether you believe it or not has a lot to do with the blessings good luck, lucky breaks you receive in your life whether it is in business career or personal life. I strongly believe what goes around comes around and why not send out good vibes, positivity and love.