Recently I didn’t get something I truly wanted. I worked hard and diligently for it and gave it my all and still did not get it.  I didn’t understand why and even though i figured it might not have been as “perfect” for me as i wanted it to be i still felt disappointed and sorry for myself. After a day of feeling down I decided to change my frame of mind, expectations and outlook.

I realized that when you don’t get what you want or what you believe you deserve, specially when you have put in a lot work its important to not be discouraged. I strongly believe God has something even greater in store for you. Something that is just right for you. (What is truly yours will be and cannot be taken from you). As tough as it maybe to understand during the time of disappointment its even more important to have faith and know that God and the Universe have  your back!  This is the time when your faith and confidence is most crucial.

Have a wonderful day full of faith and excitement of the wonderful things God has lined up for you 😉