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Anyone who knows me knows that I love to get immersed in meaningful conversations. I love to, listen, learn, laugh, enlighten others and be enlightened through sharing thoughts, opinions and views about life. Discussing topics that range from careers, love, spirituality, relationships, entrepreneurship,… Continue Reading →


Happy Monday… Another new week, which means a fresh start. A chance to get rid of old bad habits and start new good ones… I’m sure at some point, you have seen the memes/quotes that say something like “You have the same… Continue Reading →

Take Care on Your Journey to Success.

I had stopped posting for a while. I had so much going on to the point where I got sick from all the stress I was under. Balancing and juggling, work, family, ambition, planning and figuring out my next moves. It… Continue Reading →

ENGAGE – Start a Conversation and be surprised!

I think we often underestimate the benefits of stepping outside of our usual routine and taking a chance to engage. With gadgets and technology and the additional general life stresses, you find that most people choose to be engrossed in their… Continue Reading →

Going Through The Motions … Put YOU On Your To-Do List

Your alarm wakes you up. And you start going through the the motions, take a shower, look in your closet trying to figure out what to wear to look the part of who you want to be and how you… Continue Reading →

Don’t Give Up

We all reach a point where we feel like giving up. We try to remain positive and have faith; knowing you are where you are supposed which still does not make it any less difficult during these trying times… After seeing… Continue Reading →

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