Shay Leonora | ENGAGE – Start a Conversation and be surprised!
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ENGAGE – Start a Conversation and be surprised!


ENGAGE – Start a Conversation and be surprised!

I think we often underestimate the benefits of stepping outside of our usual routine and taking a chance to engage. With gadgets and technology and the additional general life stresses, you find that most people choose to be engrossed in their phones or gadgets when they have a little time for themselves, for example on the train ride to, or from work, or when waiting in line. I’m pretty sure before we had all these tech gadgets people would start or engage in conversations with people around them regularly and would, more often than not, learn a few things or make a valuable connection.

When opportunities or ideas arise it’s not from keeping your head buried in your phone or at your desk all the time. I’ve found that it’s usually from taking the time and putting in the effort to engage with others . Today I went to a regular work meeting that I often do not go to, a meeting that I had not intended on going to, but I figured why not. I wasn’t extremely busy, and didn’t mind getting away from my desk for a few. I had nothing to lose so I went. It turned out to be really interesting. I learned some things that would help me in my entrepreneurial pursuits. Got engaged in an unexpected interesting conversation with two of my coworkers that got my mind working and sparked up lots of new ideas.

All this to say…Take a chance sometimes and start up a genuine conversation with a coworker,  someone on the train, someone standing in a queue with you. You may be surprised by what opportunities may arise simply from putting your gadget away and choosing to change your routine and taking the time to engage with someone.

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