Shay Leonora | Champions Face Defeat too…
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Champions Face Defeat too…

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Champions Face Defeat too…

Serena’s defeat was heartbreaking for me and many others i’m sure. The tickets were sold out well before the match. I’m not quite sure what happened to her however it was a reminder that even champions face defeat. Obviously this is not the first time she was defeated but this was a crucial and seemingly “crushing” defeat.

At first I was angry with her. Wondering how she could have failed all the people who support her and have been rallying for her success. Then I started trying to figure out a reason outside of her for her defeat…that’s when I came across the entertaining #blamedrake. Clearly I was not alone in looking for some explanation that made sense. I found myself looking at how invested I and many others had become in her victory as if it were our own. The pride I felt when she did well was as if it were me on the court and the disappointment I felt when she was not doing well was crushing as if it were me going through it. It was interesting to see through commentary on Twitter and various websites that I was not alone in feeling this way and I found it amazing  to see how people can take the success and failure of a person they are routing for to heart.

Many of us want higher positions and success but often we forget that these aspirations and accomplishments come with certain expectations. People were banking on Serena to make history, as an athlete, an American, as a woman and as a black woman. It would have been a victory on many levels for many people of differing demographics for different reasons. That is a lot of weight on ones shoulders. Again exemplifying how in positions such as this your fight becomes everyone’s fight, your success becomes others success and unfortunately your failure does too.

Serena’s defeat showed us all that champions fail too but it doesn’t make their achievements and champion status any less valid. What will continue to define a champion spirit is they do after failure or what may appear to be “defeat”. Will Serena give up or keeping going and keep setting new goals and breaking new records.

What we do in the face of defeat and setbacks determines how far we will get in life. There is nothing wrong with failure it is a natural part of success. You win some you lose some but personally I want to win more than I lose and I want to win the big and life changing ones. The key is to understand and learn from the failure so that you come back, move forward wiser stronger and better than before. From watching Serena I saw first hand the responsibility that comes with success. People are counting on you and you have to do your best to not fail them and it’s important to always value, appreciate and acknowledge those who are routing for you and your success.

Something to think about: in your pursuit for success whether it is running your own company or moving up in your career do you truly understand everything that comes with it. Are you ready for the responsibility. Can you handle the demands that come with it. Can you handle the pressure ? If not keeping moving forward in preparation for that ultimate goal, absorb and use every experience, success or failure as preparation for the ultimate goal …however if you feel confident and  ready i say go for it you’ll continue to learn along the way!!!

A new week, a fresh start…. Happy Monday 🙂

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