Shay Leonora | Much more than just Tennis at the U.S Open…
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Much more than just Tennis at the U.S Open…


Much more than just Tennis at the U.S Open…

As I watched the incredible U.S. Open matches over the weekend. Match after match, player after player  I kept wondering how these players manage to stay focused and determined and pull through under such intense pressure. To make things even more intense having to be at their best in front of millions of spectators with some for you and some against. I found myself wondering what they were thinking, how were they feeling and wondered what they say to themselves in the midst of it all.

Watching players like Serena Williams who has so much at stake, Kevin Anderson who upset Andy Murray, Venus Williams, Azerenka and Roger Federer, dig deep even at times when they look like they are behind and on the verge of losing is incredible and inspiring. That determination, faith and strength of mind and character is what breeds winners. I truly admire these players.

What I’ve got from these matches is that even when the odds look like they are against you it’s never really over till it’s truly over (and maybe not even then) When players don’t qualify they are obviously disappointed however they go back  and look at what they did well, what they they didn’t well and work on improving. They study their competition so that they are prepared to take them on and they get back on the court in preparation for the next tournament which could be as far away as the following year. They don’t give up. We too can apply the same strategies as we pursue our goals.

Often nobody sees the hard work put in by those who succeed. We don’t see these players training everyday. Backhand after backhand after backhand to get it right. Hours and hours on the court, hours upon hours in the gym, studying, improving strategizing. In the same light we have to work hard when no one is watching.

During each match there is a period of time (that seems short but it is long) to make things happen between the time it looks like it’s over and the time when it really is over. This is when the greats, the champions dig deep and pull through and I think many of us give up when it “looks” like we are losing. At this point instead of giving up we need to push ourselves harder in order to make it out the other side victorious.

Instead of focusing on winning the match as a whole it’s clear to me that the players focus on winning each point as they often say. And that’s similar to entrepreneurs focusing on a goal. We should not look at the feat of climbing a mountain as a whole obstacle but look at it more as a journey taking it step by step day by day. The daily points / steps will accumulate and the end result is winning the match and making it to the top of the mountain.
And then once achieved you set the next goal and implement the same strategies, revise, refine and perfect them as you go on.

– It is extremely important to believe that you can
– Roll with the punches and get back up
– Don’t be too hard on yourself when you make a mistake or use bad judgement learn from it. Clear your mind wipe the slate clean and continue
– Keep going point by point, step by step, day by day
– Be flexible and willing to adjust as needed when the terrain or circumstances change and specially when they are unforeseen obstacles.

Looking forward to watching Serena and Venus today!!!

Happy Monday everyone. A fresh start to a new week. Another opportunity to make great things happen.

  • The battle is half won if only you can believe that you can win. Thank you for such wonderful inspiring words. Have a great week.


    September 8, 2015 at 5:02 pm
    • Hi Garima, You are most welcome. I just had to share. What you say is true …believing you can is one of the most crucial aspects of success…and i feel more people need to start believing in themselves and they will see the difference… Have a wonderful and successful week 🙂

      September 8, 2015 at 5:56 pm

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