Shay Leonora | You don’t have to be a celebrity to have a “Team”!
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You don’t have to be a celebrity to have a “Team”!


You don’t have to be a celebrity to have a “Team”!

As an entrepreneur and full time employee of a company I have come to fully understand the importance of having a good team/s and using them as resource to be more productive and accomplish your goals. Having a good team helps you to get things done, make good, informed decisions, grow and achieve goals.

When we think of teams we usually think of the teams at work or in business. We forget about our personal teams. You might be thinking ….a personal team? Yes your personal team. We often here celebrities talk about “their team” of people… well each of us have “our teams” too even though we may not realize it and may not be making use of this wonderful resource.

Sitting on the train on the way to work I was thinking about all the things I am grateful for. I realized that I have a great support network that makes it possible for me to do a lot of the things I do and want to do. It dawned upon me that  this support network is actually “my team”, my “Home Team”. My Home Team compromises of my family, the nanny, the college girl who takes my daughter to and from her activities. My close friends and neighbors who are always willing and ready to help and offer their assistance. One of our neighbors regularly picks gorgeous flowers from her garden and walks across the street to our house simply to share these beautiful fresh hand picked garden flowers just because… and she never hesitates to let us know that if we need anything at all she is more than willing to help. This I realized is a part of my support team. Yes I have to pay some of the team members and others are simply people I can count on to have my back when needed at no cost. Depending on your lifestyle and what you do your team requirements will differ. Others need makeup artists, pr people, designers as a part of their team.

Its important to identify your needs and see how best you can get these needs met and who can help you meet them. My second team is my business team which comprises of my business partner, my brother, my father, my mother, my cousin, my friend who is a web designer and even my 9 year old daughter who is always giving me feedback and sharing her thoughts on projects I am working on. Between this group of people there are lawyers, web designers, business and finance analysts and they serve as advisors and critics too. Anytime I need advice, support or information I know who to go to, for what and they always have back. They are always honest, fair and frank with their thoughts and opinions which I truly value and it doesn’t hurt that they are qualified professionals in their fields of expertise.

Lastly my work team. These are the people who challenge me when it comes to my craft and career. They challenge me to step outside my comfort zone, their views discussions thoughts and opinions enlighten me and give me a different view on may things including social, economic, political topics, personal and entrepreneurial goals. At the same time they provide a platform that provides the freedom to explore and discover new avenues and ways of doing things. This team also helps me in the area of personal development when it comes to honing in on my strengths as a professional and individual.

All three teams have different roles but together they make it possible for me to do what I have to do and make it possible for me accomplish goals, grow and achieve the goals and dreams I have set out to accomplish.

It’s challenging to be productive, grow or work towards being the best you when you are worried about what’s going on at home or when you don’t have people to run ideas by, people to give you honest feedback and opinion, people who will have your back whether if its watching your child when you stay late at work or helping you make a career or personal decision.

Its crucial to identify your team…and more importantly to identify who is truly on your team. You have to choose wisely not everyone is “team you”. However if you do have a great team/s its important to let them know you appreciate them, and use this resource wisely. Its never a bad thing to pick their brains, ask questions or their expert opinion on topics related to the field of expertise. Those on your team will always be willing to help.

4 Simple Tips To Being More Productive

1. Have a good support system – Know who is on your team

2Lists lists lists – I live by lists. List all of things you need do, put a mark on those things you need to accomplish today and another for things to accomplish for the week and for the month and make a routine of checking tasks completed off. I know I get great satisfaction from checking off a completed item on my list.

3. Accept help – Accepting help and assistance is not a sign of weakness. Gracefully accept.

4. Outsource when possible. – I think many of us waste time because we have mundane daily things to do that take away from the truly important things we want to or need to do. If you can…outsource, whether it’s a design project, the need for a copy writer, laundry, cleaning the house, baby siting for a few hours. Pay someone to do it if you can. You may be surprised to find that it may not cost as much as you thought it would and that the benefits of outsourcing a particular task will turn out to be more beneficial than not.

Have a wonderful and productive week.

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